Steve Di Giorgio - Official Website 2018

Concept, Design and Development of the custom Web Project for the most proficient metal bass player of all time. [HTML5+CSS3+JQUERY+PHP+MYSQL+BOOTSTRAP]

Steve Di Giorgio / Testament - 2018 Tour Digital Flyer

Concept & Design for the digital flyer based on Testament's gigs supporting Slayer's Final World Tour.

Sadus - Silver and Blood World Tour Posters

Design and concept developed to celebrate Sadus 25th Anniversary World Tour

OverDose - T-shirts

Designs for the brazilian groove metal legends OverDose.

Infinitas Guitars - Company Sign

Realistic Logo and full design printed on a PS White 3mm plate.

Paradise In Flames - CD Artwork Project

Graphic design, album cover design, artwork concept

Soen - Promotional Design

Graphic Design for Swedish band Soen.

OverDose - Posters

Concept and Design.

Dynasty - Stage Backdrop

Concept and Design printed with 5x3m on fabric

OverDose - Stage Visual Elements

Design printed in different sizes on fabric